Our Story

Our founder, K. Ghany, is a plant based chef, certified herbalist, life long learner, teacher, and lover of healthy living, and delicious eats. His story begins years ago when he first developed his culinary approach and appreciation for naturopathic health and living. He inherited his cooking skills from his mother. He expanded his abilities, and refined his talents through dedication to his craft and countless hours catering events, providing healthy meal prep, and working as a personal chef and nutrition advisor. He maintains a plant based diet and has done so for nearly 20 years.


7K1 Cuisine and Wellness officially launched in 2016. Since the launch '7K1' has developed a number of proprietary spice and herb blends, with new blends planned for release throughout the year.


In 2018 7K1 Cuisine and Wellness launched their wellness herbal products.  The Consultant division of 7K1 Cuisine and Wellness offers customized herb combinations in conjunction with life choice recommendations as a consultation service. Herb products, such as our End-Flammatory, were created as an alternative to our intensive consultation services; products such as these are design for those who have identified their body's needs  and want a simplistic approach to their health goals.


With many new products to be released and additional services to be offered in the very near future, 7K1 Cuisine and Wellness is primed to assist you with you culinary and herbal needs.